About DJ Angel

AllStar DJ Angel has a 10+ year history of selecting and mixing great dance music at milestone celebrations large and small. His diverse and eclectic music collection covers multiple genres and generations… exactly what is needed at weddings with a guest list of all age groups and musical tastes. He has an incredible knack for reading the crowd, getting them onto the dance floor and then keeping them there… without any games or gimmicks.  Clients love his professionalism, flexibility and friendly demeanor, which always assures a successful, fun and memorable celebration where music is the catalyst.  With top industry equipment, you can also count on amazing sound quality matched to your room size and acoustic environment.

Angel also brings unique cultural knowledge to the table which makes him a top choice for clients who may require world music, a Latin flavor or couples with two different musical ethnicities.  Not only does Angel speak Spanish, his spouse is of Asian decent. An understanding of both cultures makes him quite the diverse DJ.

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