About DJ Tim

I have been a DJ since I was a teenager and got started in the bars & clubs. Over 10 years ago I transitioned into mobile work and weddings. I currently focus exclusively on weddings. I have a passion for weddings because I love all sorts of music so I get a chance to bring all types of music to peoples ears and create an opportunity for them to really get lost in the night and completely forget about everything and just enjoy that moment.
As far as style of DJing, I’ve learned so much from performing is such a wide array of locations. I draw from this experience and use it to be flexible with every event to get the best result and build incredible moments. I’m comfortable mixing all sorts of music and reading the crowd. As a general rule I keep things moving. Two from this style and on to the next, two from that and then its time for something else. I monitor the crowd and anticipate their energy and fatigue levels so I can adjust between dancing, sing-a-longs, group dances, a slow song for the couples every now and then, the full few minutes of a track or just a quick chorus and on to the next. Every night has so many considerations. To be honest I don’t know how I know it is time to do this type of music or that type, bring it up or down. I’ve just been doing it so long that I just naturally know what I need to do to get or keep a crowd engaged. DJing for me is this automatic reaction similar to how you just instinctively know how to lean into a turn when you’re on a bike.

Sample Mixes