Allstar Alex Photography

A little about Alex: My photography career has always followed my path of exploration. It started with developing film in my high school dark room, but quickly led to my camera becoming as much a part of my day-to-day as my keys and wallet. While going to school for my BA, I took almost any photo job I could find- trying to squeeze in shoots between ‘regular work’ and ‘schoolwork’. It wasn’t the most fun schedule, but I was able to complete a large scale personal project before I graduated. You can check it out here.

I first got into wedding photography in 2012, and once again discovered a new passion within photography. My ‘style’ could be called assisted photo-journalism, but more than that my goal is to shoot the love. You bring so much passion to your wedding, and capturing those little moments of bliss are what I absolutely love about this job. Moment’s you didn’t even realize were happening- making those photos and capturing the love you bring is second to none in my book. This journey of photography has been one of the most rewarding adventures I have had, and I hope to share it with you.